profileA certified public accountant with a licensed practice in the San Francisco Bay area, I offer fully comprehensive tax compliance and tax planning services. My mission as a trusted business advisor is to help both companies and individuals meet their financial goals.

My Qualifications

My CPA practice spans more than 14 years with a specialization in business-taxation laws since 2005. In 2000, I earned my master’s degree in accounting from the University of Houston. Previously, I worked for the Agricultural Bank of China after receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Economics at the Xiamen University of China, a school that the Chinese Ministry of Education ranks as one of the top five best schools in China to study economics.

My Experience

Taxation laws are my main specialty, and I have more than a decade of experience working in public accounting firms. I’ve spent the last two years founding my own practice that currently supports industries such as wholesale and retail stores, design studios, dentistry, restaurants and real estate. I offer tax services and bookkeeping to many small┬ábusinesses and investors.

Additionally, I joined the Calegari and Morris CPA firm in San Francisco back in November 2007, contributing greatly to their commercial and professional services groups. Here, I focused on business tax services for privately held corporations. My clients achieved maximum tax savings through my efforts of successfully coordinating both their personal and professional tax plans with a constant attention to the latest details in tax laws.

Preceding my work at Calegari and Morris, I held a position at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP — one of the top four accounting firms in the United States — for three years where I specialized in handling various investment funds. Here I worked on highly complex tax planning strategies with strict time constraints to ensure compliance with the tax laws for hedge funds, mutual funds, venture-capital accounts, exchange-traded funds and real-estate investment trusts. My experience from jobs at large regional accounting firms in Houston, Texas and Sonoma County, California helped prepare me for this position by exposing me to many different tax fields such as those supporting non-profit organizations, trusts, individuals and businesses.

Here’s how I meet the tax needs of my clients:

Going far beyond the traditional tax software assistance and individual tax management offered by most accountants, I help clients get ahead of their game by focusing on the bigger financial picture right from the start. I remove all worries about tax compliance and work closely with my clients to make success easier to reach. Keeping the lines of communication open is part of what makes me unique as a business advisor who loves to do the best job possible.

I am a member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

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